About the Polyoak Family Educational Foundation

Our inception, inspiration, purpose and accomplishments so far, as well as some frequently asked questions.


Our inception

This initiative of the Polyoak Packaging Group (PPG), was created to empower children of the Polyoak family to become skilled, economically active citizens of South Africa.

Founded in 2009, it is managed by a team of dedicated professionals operating from Polyoak’s main site in Cape Town. The vision is to be a catalyst for economic and social upliftment by providing access to meaningful employment, achieved through its tertiary education bursary programme.


Our inspiration

Polyoak passionately believes that the most effective means of uplifting those who were previously disadvantaged, is to provide access to high quality education. This benefits the entire community as working graduates are empowered to help support their parents later in life and become community role models.


Our purpose

The trust provides tertiary study bursaries for children of PPG employees, funded through dividends from its 10% ownership of PPG.

Our primary focus areas are the Polyoak Foundation Bursary and Kickstart Workshops for Work Readiness and Saili Scholarships. We also fund the Teachers Plus Foundation NPC that we founded in 2018.


Our success so far

To date, more than 102 students have qualified in a wide variety of skillsets – from accountants, teachers, hairdressers and nurses to plumbers, doctors and sports trainers. Over 50% are female and 84% of our alumni are successfully employed and economically active.

These determined young adults are now set on a path towards making a meaningful contribution to society and our country.


We believe in a holistic approach to education

Kickstart workshops

Popular with Grade 11 and 12 learners, the Work Readiness programme has been developed to prepare them for the world of work.
Our graduates attend the Launch Pad programme in their final year and are matched with a mentor.


Educational fees are the first barrier to potential students looking to study further. 
The Polyoak Foundation was established to assist the Polyoak Packaging families to overcome this barrier

Career guidance

We offer career guidance to Grade 11 and 12 learners, empowering them to find their path, plan how to tackle it in the best way and know what to do when facing obstacles.

Networking and support

Actively encouraging and creating space for students to find a professional community that understands their ambitions.

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